APK Innovation

college students enjoying pizza from Basil Street's Automated Pizza Kitchen

Comprehensive Robotics

Developed by our US based engineering team that has rolled out tens of thousands of kiosks throughout the United States and Mexico, our APK uses state of the art technology including complete robotic systems, custom software design and network operating system.

Digital Display

A 42-inch screen that displays video or still advertisements relevant to each user using sophisticated software to recognize age, gender and weight.

Experienced Engineers

We are experienced kiosk developers, installers and operators and have experience engineering everything from the current pilot program to rapid multifaceted nationwide deployments. Service is a critical component to ongoing success. The team is designing an ongoing, service SOP, maintenance plan and logistics.

Trade Secrets

Our team has focused on differentiating kiosk development strategies to include designs that maximize customer interaction and ongoing field support operations. These efforts should optimize customer satisfaction and minimize support costs, creating a successful business model and competitive advantage.