Our Automated Pizza Kitchen

Our User-Friendly Self Interactive APK offers high-quality delicious pizza with a just out of the oven taste in convenient locations 24/7 using our patent pending three element speed oven and robotic automated delivery system.  

Basil Street is revolutionizing quality and convenience in the pizza industry.

Company Updates and Economics

For individuals craving immediate gratification of hot pizza made from high quality ingredients, quickly prepared on-demand 24 hours a day, Basil Street Cafe (BSC) provides the Automated Pizza Kitchen (APK) self-service kiosk.  The APK offers many flavors of delicious pizza, cooked in a proprietary speed oven and served in a convenient box, ready to eat on the go.


  • BSC is a collaboration between food entrepreneurs, blue-chip corporate executives, and accomplished kiosk technologists.
  • The Automated Pizza Kitchen (APK) utilizes a patent-pending, proprietary robotic cooking system.
  • Our engineering team is made up of best-in-class kiosk robotic specialists.
  • Our software team has over 20 years of developing self-interactive kiosk software.
  • The team has production units rolling off the line in Q1-2020.
  • We have completed our seed round raise.
  • We are nearly complete with our A-round raise and that will move us to a revenue state.
  • Our team has created a pizza with a fresh from-the-garden taste that would make even our Italian founders nonna (grandmother) proud!

If you have the time, please schedule a time to come by our warehouse in Gardena, CA to sample the pizza for yourself!


Please contact Deglin Kenealy at deglin@eatbasilstreet.com for more information about investment opportunities.